Oclean W1
Smart Oral Irrigator

Smart Aerodynamics
– Stronger Cleaning While Softer Flushing


Exclusive Innovation
Aerobic flushing technique

Small Size
Only weighs 159g

Intermittent Flushing
Precise injection of tooth gap

9 Levels of
optional strength

Rinse 160 Times
with a box of water

Bluetooth Connection
APP smart push

3D Laser Carving process
Non-slip body

Magnetic Charging
30 days long battery life

Professional Silicone nozzle
Protect the gums



“Oclean W1 uses water and air mixing to achieve effective cleaning between teeth more efficiently and effectively, remove adjacent dental plaque, and create a clean and healthy environment between teeth and all dental restorations. Its size and design allow It becomes a magical device that can replace traditional dental floss.”

Dr. Steven J. Mondre

BOARD OF DIRECTORS – New York County Dental Society
DIRECTOR – New York University College Of Dentistry
PRESIDENT – Dental Study Club of New York
ATTENDING – Interfaith Medical Center
CHAIRMAN – Dental Practice Committee, First District Dental Society
CHAIRMAN – Live Dentistry – The Greater New York Dental Meeting

Breakthrough Technology in
the Industry Aerodynamic Dental Oral Irrigator

Through more than two years of technical exploration and innovation,
the Oclean team* officially launched Oclean’s first Smart Oral Irrigator.

* The team has won the German Red Dot Award and
iF Design Award, Japan Good Design Award.

150,000 Cycles of Air Pump Rotation
140Kpa Strong Impulse

The new standard high-pressure air pump compresses the air to 140Kpa* and
releases it in an instant of 0.14 seconds to increase the impulse of 33% to penetrate
the gap between the teeth, remove the food residue and dental plaque in the gap
and the peripheral bag, and effectively inhibit the teeth. The formation of stones.


Instant Release


High Pressure Air Pump


Strong Momentum

Aerobic teeth flushing
fresh breath all day long

Innovative aerodynamic technology
incorporates a large amount of oxygen,
which adds 6.13%* oxygen compared to
pure water flushing.

SPA massage mode Tailored for people with sensitive gums

Depending on the intensity and frequency, there are two gum
massage modes in the soft spa standard spa to soothe the gums and
provide a healthy breath.

Soft SPA

Standard SPA

Tooth-by-tooth spray to accurately clean each tooth gap

The water tank can be used for about 2 minutes when it is filled at a time,
accurate to each tooth gap, ensuring
that each tooth gap is flushed at least 5times.

Rinse once No need to add water
when cleaning

Depending on the intensity and frequency, there are two gum
massage modes in the soft spa standard spa to soothe the gums and
provide a healthy breath.

* compatible with mouthwash, rinse with
your teeth mouthwash, the effect is better.

45° Angle Professional Nozzle*
Meet a Variety of Oral Needs

  • 45° angle radian nozzle
    the water volume is concentrated
    the nozzle is more powerful

  • 360° rotatable nozzle
    deep into the mouth & more dead spots

  • Food-grade* cushioning silicone material
    to protect the gums from harm

  • Transparent imported PCTG material
    BPA Free*

*Regular replacement of nozzles: In order to maintain the cleaning effect and hygiene, the nozzles
are replaced every 4-6 months. If the nozzles cannot be installed and used, they need to be
replaced immediately.

Not all portable
is really easy to carry

The innovative generation of Oclean patented structural design, the body is compressed to a smaller size, and the weight is only 159g, which is smaller and lighter than a smartphone.


Red Dot Best of the Best
Designer’s New Masterpiece

The battery is online at any time
The car can be charged at home and travel

  • 3hours
    Magnetic Fast Charge

  • 30days
    Battery life

Fully Charged
Always On

During Charging

Low Battery
Red Light Prompt

Standard exclusive
travel box Travel around the world
& meet fresh moments

More Details

Diamond Star

Rechargeable Breathing Light

Arc Nozzle

Product Specification

PRODUCT NAMEOclean W1 Smart Oral IrrigatorPOWER5V/1A
CHARGINGUSB Magnetic Charging, 3 Hours FullBATTERY CAPACITY1200mAh
GEAR INTENSITY9 Levels of Cleaning Intensity +,
2 Levels of Massage Mode
ENDURANCE30 Boxes of water / one time per day,
you can use one month