Oclean W10
Freshen up Your Worthy Smile

5 Distinctive Modes | 4 Nozzles |
30 Days Battery Life


Pulse Technique
Sleek Design
(Portable Strap Handle)
5 Distinctive
Floss Modes
4 Nozzles
Meet Any Needs
Waterproof Rating
30 Days
Battery Life

Optimized Dental Care

Deep Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas

Toothbrush Accessible Surfaces

Tight Interdental Spaces

Thorough Clean Assured
Pulse Technique & Maglev Motor

Efficiently Remove Food Debris and Dental Plaque
between teeth

per minute

powerful waterjet

4 New High-Performance Nozzles
At Your Disposal

Meet Any Needs Possible

Standard Nozzle
for Thorough Tight Spaces
Between Teeth Clean

Orthodontics Nozzle
to Easily Combat any Brace-Associated Clean Problems

Periodontal Pocket Nozzle
to Achieve
healthier Gums in 2 Weeks

Tongue Scraping Nozzle
for Even Fresher Breath

Flossing Teeth The Right Way
5 Distinctive Floss Modes

Delicate Design just for the Precise Care
and Better Comfort

Intensive Mode
For Daily Thorough Clean
Intensity: ★★★★★

Standard Mode
For Daily General Clean
Intensity: ★★★

Gentle Mode
For Those of Sensitive Gums
Brushing intensity: ★★★

Pulsating Mode
For Daily Deep Clean
Intensity: ★★★★

On-Demand Mode
For Daily According Needs
Brushing intensity: ★

Always Look Beyond
What You See

Invisible design to optimize the
user’s experience

The Exact Amount for
Precise Care

Meet Regular Clean Need

Easily Check Remaining Water

Timer, Zone Switch Reminder
Smart Dental Care

15s Zone Switch Reminder, Smart Timer
Enjoy a Well-organized Oral Care Experience

Always On-the-Move?
We’ve Got Your Back

Battery Lasts up to 4 Plus Weeks between Charges
Comes with an Accessible USB Type-C Input

IPX7 Waterproof
Water Rinse and Shower-Ready Guaranteed

The Oral & Dental Health Shortcut
with No Quality Compromise

Resistant to washing and soaking in water.

Water Flosser  

✓ Easy To Use   
✓ Efficiency   
✓ Gums Friendly   
✓ Fresh Breath   
✓ Get in Hard-to-Reach   

  String Floss

   × Extra Work
   × Messy
   × Cause Gums to Bleed
   × Unpleasant Smell
   × Unable to Reach
   Some Areas

Silicone rubber Hand Strap

Portable / Stain Resistant / Detachable

Redefine Youth
Prioritize the Essential

Perfect Gifts for Your Loved One
As It is All About Care

Fruit Inspired Colors
Lemon Green & Peach Pink

Detail is an art and
Oclean practice every day

Rotatable Nozzle

Refill Plug

Sharklet Design

Oclean W10 Oral Irrigator Contains

1 x Oclean W10 Oral Irrigator, 4 x Delicate Nozzles, 1 x Type-C USB Cable
1 x User Manual , 1 x Product Details Illustration