Oclean Flow
Switch to Sonic Brushing

180 Days Battery Life | 5 Brushing Mode |
38,000RPM Cleaning Power


180 Days

Super, Super,
Super long battery life

Charge once for over
180 days brushing power

5 Brushing Mode

Not one, not two…
But five brushing modes

Customize, optimize and
perfect your personal routine

38,000 RPM

Powerful Yet Gentle

Efficient for all smiles. And yes, even for you sensitive-gummers

Lasts up to 25 Plus Weeks
Between Charges

180 Days
Battery Life

Sonic Technology
for Brighter Smile

strokes per minute

5 Modes for Your
Personal Brushing Routine

Morning Mode
For a superior cleaning
Brushing intensity: ★★★

Night Mode
For a deep and thorough cleaning
Brushing intensity: ★★★★★

Standard Cleaning Mode
For daily general cleaning
Brushing intensity: ★★★★

Whitening Mode
For a naturally whiter smile
Brushing intensity: ★★★★

Gentle Mode
For those who have sensitive gums
Brushing intensity: ★★

Morning Mode

Night Mode

IPX7 Waterproof

Realizes Carefree Water-Rinse & Shower-Ready
Leading Hustle-Free Lifestyle

Trust the Speed of Sonic

That hard to reach spot in your mouth is impossible for a
manual toothbrush. Switch to sonic for the stretch and power

Romantic Design
for High Quality Product

Three Colours to Choose from, Infinite Reasons to Smile

The Travel-Proof

Resistant to washing and soaking in water.

Product Breakdown

Open Up Your New Smile

Simple Packaging to Prevent Waste for
Eco-friendly Product Design

Oclean Flow Toothbrush x1, Dedicated Flow Brush Head x1, USB-C fast-charging Cable x1, User Manual x1