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Your smile says a lot about you. In fact, it speaks the one true universal language that all people share: the language of joy, love, and friendship. Even today, among a proliferation of grinning Internet emoji, our physical smile continues to be an important tool for communicating our personal story and connecting us to the world we live in.

Oclean was founded to provide people with thoughtful technology to help them get the most out of their smile, and take advantage of a world of opportunities just waiting to be unlocked by a confident, friendly face.

Empower a healthier life and a brighter smile

Improve your oral health with innovative technology

From its curvy “C” smile to the delightful “O” laugh,
the Oclean logo illustrates our commitment to helping you smile brighter.

Award-Winning Design Team

Red Dot and iF Design Awards(2018), Good Design Award(2019), iF Design Award(2020), Red Dot award 2021, Excellent products of Oclean have won a series of international design awards.

Toothbrush with a variety of advanced and innovative technology

Independently developed a new generation of Magnetic Brushless Motor.
Torsion:; Swing: 5.5mm; Vibration Frequency up to  42,000times/min,
High-frequency vibration can effectively clean the tooth plaque so as to improve the health of the gums.

Oclean W1 uses an innovative combination of water and air to efficiently clean teeth and remove dental plaque, creating a clean and healthy dental environment. Its innovative design has allowed it to become a revolutionary device, with the potential to replace traditional dental floss.

Dr. Steven J. Mondre

BOARD OF DIRECTORS – New York County Dental Society
DIRECTOR – New York University College Of Dentistry
PRESIDENT – Dental Study Club of New York
ATTENDING – Interfaith Medical Center
CHAIRMAN – Dental Practice Committee, First District Dental Society
CHAIRMAN – Live Dentistry – The Greater New York Dental Meeting

The Oclean X is an advanced, powerful toothbrush with a variety of cleaning modes, as well as a timer to ensure the required time and attention is spent brushing. It has the digital capability to pair with a mobile device, allowing it to provide custom cleaning, and brushing performance feedback. These incredible features can be viewed on the OLED screen, giving you precise control and feedback on your brushing experience.

Dr. Lana Rozenberg

Top dental specialist in NYC In practice for over 25 years

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